The energy to develop

behind-the-meter solutions

Aligned Data Center CEO Jacob Carnemark (left) and PowerSecure chief of sales for distributed generation Mark Martyak in the UPS 1 switchgear room at ADC’s Plano, Texas data center.

When Aligned Data Centers (ADC) designed their state-of-the-art data center in Plano, Texas, they turned to Southern Company subsidiary PowerSecure for help in creating one of the most reliable, sustainable and cost-effective data centers commercially available. PowerSecure has become an integral part of the ADC team and is currently working with the company to develop data centers in Arizona, Virginia and California.

Completed in April 2016, ADC’s new Plano, Texas facility incorporates mission critical power systems and microgrid technologies developed by PowerSecure. PowerSecure provided all electrical systems from the utility substation to the wiring that serves the data servers. The backbone of this mission-critical electrical system is a 12.5 megawatt microgrid that not only provides 100 percent standby power with N+4 redundancy, but also parallels with the local utility grid to enhance grid stability and provide peak load management. The system includes five integrated 2.5-megawatt Tier 4 PowerBlock® generation systems, including all medium and low-voltage NexGear® advanced paralleling switchgear.


In addition to providing standby power to the Plano facility, the microgrid’s revolutionary configuration also dramatically increases the reliability of the data center. “Industry-leading sustainability and reliability are key elements in our company’s mission,” remarks Aligned Data Centers CEO Jacob Carnemark. “An independent study indicated that our Plano data center is 2.5 times less likely to fail than our competitors’ facilities, thanks to the PowerSecure microgrid. We also appreciate PowerSecure’s 24/7 remote monitoring system, PowerControl®, which continuously monitors the grid for potential instability and further enhances our ability to provide high value to our customers.”

Efficiency and Carbon Reduction

ADC’s Plano data center is highly energy efficient. ADC guarantees a power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.25, the lowest in the industry.

ADC utilizes a patented cooling system which uses 80 percent less electricity and 85 percent less water than systems at many data centers. ADC’s goal of industry-leading sustainability is further enhanced by PowerSecure’s microgrid. “Our microgrid serves as a non-spinning substitute for utility spinning reserve,” says Mark Martyak, chief of sales for PowerSecure’s distributed generation business. “Being truly carbon-neutral or carbon-negative can only be accomplished by looking at the impact of a data center on the entire grid, not just on the facility site.”


The number of generation systems installed in the U.S. by PowerSecure.


The amount of clean diesel and natural gas dispatchable load owned or operated by PowerSecure.

PowerSecure staff inspect a PowerBlock® generation unit in the equipment yard at Aligned Data Center’s Plano, Texas facility.