The energy to harness

renewable resources

Edgar Nunez, general manager of project implementation for Southern Power, inspects wind turbines at the company’s Salt Fork Wind Facility near Amarillo, Texas.

Wholesale energy subsidiary Southern Power helps Southern Company build the future of energy by investing in clean energy solutions. Southern Power is an advocate for the full portfolio of energy resources and its renewable assets–including wind, solar and biomass facilities–account for more than half of the Southern Company system’s renewable generation capacity.

As Southern Company’s wholesale energy subsidiary, Southern Power helps meet the electricity needs of municipalities, electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities and other energy customers throughout the nation. Southern Power and its subsidiaries own or have the rights to more than 45 facilities operating or under construction, representing more than 12,500 megawatts of generating capacity in 11 states. This includes over 3,000 megawatts of renewable generation, including solar, wind and biomass generation facilities. That diversity of geography and sources of power generation have helped Southern Power earn its reputation as America’s premier wholesale energy partner.

Wind Energy

In 2015, due to an improved earnings profile for wind energy, Southern Power began looking to invest in wind projects that included long-term power purchase agreements with creditworthy counterparties. By the close of 2016, Southern Power had established itself as a leader in wind generation, investing approximately $2 billion to acquire five wind projects, more than tripling the size of its operating wind fleet in the process. Today, Southern Power owns more than 1,400 megawatts of wind generating capacity at facilities operating or under development in Oklahoma, Texas and Maine.

“2016 saw a greater emphasis on wind energy for Southern Power with the acquisition of five new wind facilities,” said Southern Power General Manager of Project Implementation Edgar Nunez. “Customers’ appetite for renewable energy solutions continues to grow, and wind has become an increasingly attractive option. Wind is a mature technology that has a strong economic profile.”

Future Growth Opportunities

The future of wind energy at Southern Power looks promising. The company recently entered into a joint development agreement that is expected to create growth opportunities over the next five years. That partnership has already identified 10 potential wind projects that would be incremental to the existing fleet and provide approximately 3,000 megawatts of additional renewable generation upon completion.

$2 Billion

Southern Power investment in
wind projects in 2016


Southern Power wind
generating capacity nationwide