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Customer Carter Gray (left) converses with Gulf Power Residential Energy Consultant Carl Jackson on the front porch of his home in Mary Esther, Florida.

Throughout the Southern Company system, customers are at the center of all we do. In Mary Esther, Florida, Gulf Power Residential Energy Consultant Carl Jackson is a familiar face in the community, functioning as an advocate and problem solver for customers, providing answers to energy-related questions and assisting with the installation of cost-saving, energy-efficient systems and appliances.

Throughout its long and rich history, Southern Company has maintained a steadfast commitment to keep customers at the center of everything we do. It’s a simple business model that has served as our guiding principal for more than 100 years. In that same vein, the company and its subsidiaries have embraced the concept of community involvement with a pledge to be “a citizen wherever we serve.” In Mary Esther, Florida, Gulf Power Residential Energy Consultant Carl Jackson also “serves where he is a citizen.”

Community Connections

Born and raised in Mary Esther, Carl is passionate about serving customers in his local community. Because his customers are also his neighbors, Carl shares a special bond with the community that affords him the opportunity to provide uniquely personalized service. A Gulf Power employee for more than 25 years, Carl currently serves as a residential energy consultant, where he works with customers in the greater Fort Walton Beach area to improve their daily lives through energy education.

“Working with Gulf Power allows me to be a blessing to others right here in the community where I live,” Carl explains. “I couldn’t ask for a better job.”

Energy Savings for Customers

Carl is one of several Gulf Power representatives who help facilitate the Energy Checkup program, which helps customers find ways to conserve energy and save money on their bill, including low-cost and no-cost recommendations. Customers may choose an online checkup or an in-home checkup with an energy expert like Carl for a personalized analysis of their energy consumption, including energy-saving tips and information about energy-efficiency programs.

When Carter Gray reached out to Carl for help with his newly purchased home, Carl provided a personalized inspection of the house, including the attic, insulation, HVAC units and other appliances. After his inspection, Carl worked with Mr. Gray to create an energy savings action plan. The first step was to install a new electric water heater.

“We have seen a nice savings on our monthly power bill since installing our electric water heater,” Mr. Gray describes. “It’s a big improvement for our family.”


free Energy Checkups conducted by Gulf Power since 2000

2 billion kWh

energy use avoided through energy-efficiency efforts across the Southern Company system since 2000