The energy to compete

for our country

Khadijah Diggs, project manager, Southern Company Services, is a member of the Team USA long course triathlon team.

On the job, Khadijah Diggs is helping Southern Company build the future of energy. Off the clock, she is a Team USA triathlete in training for this year’s world championships. Khadijah approaches her role with Southern Company Services’ program management office with commitment and determination. She applies that same energy and discipline as she prepares to compete for her country.

As part of the program management team at Southern Company Services, Khadijah Diggs helps organizations within the Southern Company system bring their ideas to fruition through organizational project and program management. She focuses primarily on information technology projects, but lends her expertise to other functional areas. Khadijah is currently managing a power plant implementation project, a lease accounting program and an integration project with Southern Company Gas—all key initiatives that require focus and skill.

Committed to Compete

Competing in triathlons didn’t always come naturally for Khadijah. She competed in her first triathlon—the Iron Girl Atlanta Women’s Triathlon at Lake Lanier, Georgia—as part of a sorority event. When she finished third from last she wasn’t discouraged, Khadijah was energized. Before long, she had signed up to compete in two more triathlons.

“I just went on like that for about two years, competing in random triathlons,” says Khadijah. “When I realized I had the potential to compete at a higher level, I started training in earnest and made it a goal to represent the United States in the long course triathlon.”

A Team USA Triathlete

On November 13, 2016, Khadijah participated in the United States long course national championship in Miami, Florida. As Khadijah crossed the finish line among the top 18 finishers, she had achieved her goal—she was officially a member of Team USA.

“I just ran. I didn’t think about anything. When I crossed the line my run coach ran to me, grabbed me and said ‘you did it!’” describes Khadijah. “It was pretty emotional.”

Khadijah is currently training for the world championships which will take place in Pentiction, British Columbia, Canada later this year. As preparation, Khadijah trains six days a week averaging more than 200 miles a week swimming, running and biking. Khadijah explains, “When everybody else is watching TV and resting, I am training.”


The approximate number of miles Khadijah bikes, swims and runs each week while in training.

Khadijah plans to ride her faithful bike, The Green Machine, in the world championships later this year.