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"We're an art museum. Our expertise is art, not engineering. Mississippi Power was able to assess our needs, secure the appropriate resources and implement a turnkey solution to solve our technical challenges."

Rosemary Roosa
executive director
Walter Anderson Museum of Art

In this video, learn more about Mississippi Power’s turnkey HVAC and lighting solutions at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art.

Outdated and failing HVAC and lighting systems at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art posed a threat to the museum's accreditation with the American Alliance of Museums and the well-being of its art collection.
Mississippi Power came to the rescue, providing a turnkey solution for a complete refurbishing of the museum's HVAC system. Mississippi Power assumed the role of consultant, overseeing design, bidding and implementation of the retrofit. The museum's outdated lighting system was also replaced with a new LED system, providing for better protection and an enhanced presentation of the artwork, as well as energy savings.
Turnkey Solution
For HVAC, Lighting and Energy Savings

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, knew it had HVAC problems, but management was unsure how to proceed. To make matters worse, they received conflicting advice from a variety of sources that didn't necessarily appreciate the unique requirements of the museum.

In order to protect and preserve artwork and other artifacts, museums must maintain very strict tolerances for temperature and humidity. Tolerances for vault and storage areas are even more demanding. Such environmental safeguards are also a key consideration for accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums.

"Our team provides turnkey solutions to multi-faceted challenges," explains Mississippi Power's Arlan Chenault. "We come into a business and work closely with them to analyze their energy-related issues, craft a strategy and manage implementation. We were able to do this for the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, which took a great deal of pressure off the customer."

"We're so thankful for Mississippi Power and the work of Arlan's team," shares Rosemary Roosa, executive director for the museum. "Mississippi Power provided real solutions that make a significant difference in our day-to-day operations."

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