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"Between the rebate and credit for recycling my old appliance, I saved $100 on the purchase of a new energy-efficient refrigerator. Since then, I'm seeing about $35 a month in energy savings. And the $500 gift card was an unexpected surprise!"

Joe Farr
Georgia Power Customer
Pooler, Georgia

In this video, learn how Georgia Power customer Joe Farr saved money on the purchase of energy-efficient appliances, and the subsequent energy savings he is seeing on an ongoing basis.

Provide real energy solutions for residential customers that make life better by improving energy efficiencies and lowering their monthly energy costs.
Georgia Power's new and improved Energy Efficiency Appliance Program helped make the purchase of cost-saving ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances more affordable and convenient for customers all over the state. In addition, a limited number of customers were rewarded with a $500 gift card for participation in the new customer engagement campaign designed to promote the rebates.
Energy Savings
Made Easy

Georgia Power's Appliance Program has been driving increased adoption of cost-saving ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances since its inception. In 2015, the company introduced a new innovation to the redemption process with a campaign launched in partnership with The Home Depot.

A unique, bar-coded bill insert enabled instant rebates on new appliances, as well as an additional 10 percent off the price of select appliances. The campaign was adapted for customers with paperless billing through a bar-coded email. The instant discounts, seamless rebate redemption and the new paperless option made the program even more effortless for participating customers.

"Bar-coded bill inserts and emails made the savings instantaneous," says Energy Efficiency Program Manager Vicki Nichols. "To incent timely participation in the standard mail-in rebate program, we also offered customers a chance to win $500 gift cards for submitting their rebate form within 10 days of purchase."

Long-time customer Joe Farr was among the first to benefit. "I was already pleased with the energy savings from previous upgrades," explains Farr. "The new refrigerator saves an additional $35 a month. The gift card was an unexpected surprise!"

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