REAL Solutions
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At Southern Company, we often say we are in the business of providing "solutions, not rhetoric." From innovative new technologies to initiatives that help protect the environment, we take considerable pride in inventing America's energy future. Of no less importance, however, are the practical solutions we provide for the very real challenges faced by the customers and communities we serve, from solutions that creatively address the energy needs of large commercial and industrial customers, to programs that incent the purchase of energy-efficient appliances and help families save money. This year's summary annual report explores a number of scenarios in which Southern Company and our subsidiaries have provided real solutions to a variety of energy challenges.

Chairman's Message

Southern Company Chairman, President and CEO Thomas A. Fanning provides an update on some of the key developments and accomplishments of 2015.
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Financial Highlights

Select financial highlights for 2015.
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AGL Resources Acquisition

Read how we believe the pending acquisition of AGL Resources creates opportunity for long-term success.
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Real Solutions

Success stories of real energy solutions provided by Southern Company’s subsidiaries.
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