Building the future of energy | Smart Home

SO Smart Home

Southern Company is building the future by making energy work smarter for you. Our SO Smart Home showcases smart energy products and technologies that provide peace of mind, connectivity and efficiency. The SO Smart home is a small-scale version of the homes we are building as part of our Smart Neighborhood Initiative® in Atlanta and Birmingham. For over 100 years, weʼve been redefining whatʼs possible, take a peek inside the SO Smart Home to experience how.

SO Smart SO Resilient

We are focused on building a low-carbon future by developing and deploying technologies that reduce carbon emissions, while making sure energy remains reliable and affordable. Our SO Smart Home does just that. The home is powered by a microgrid. A microgrid is made up of two or more energy resources that work together to produce reliable energy. The SO Smart Home has solar and battery storage, an efficient mix of renewable energy, that completely power the home.

SO Smart SO Efficient

Our SO Smart Home demonstrates how our customers can utilize these products inside and outside their home to reduce energy usage. Our Smart Home features some of the energy efficient products that are in our state-of-the-art Smart Neighborhoods®.