Building the future of energy

For over 100 years, we have been redefining whatʼs possible as we build the future of energy.

Southern Company began building the future of energy more than 100 years ago with construction of hydroelectric dams in Alabama and Georgia.

Today, Southern Company is Americaʼs premier energy company serving 9 million customers across the country. We are developing the full portfolio of energy resources including hydro, gas, solar, nuclear, wind and deploying distributed generation solutions like fuel cells and microgrids.

Through our industry-leading commitment to innovation and a net-zero carbon emissions future, we are leaders in providing clean and resilient energy solutions that will sustain future generations.

Being a citizen wherever we serve while delivering the energy our customers and communities count on every day is what we do – no matter what. As we continue building a resilient energy future, we recognize these are challenging times and want to say thank you to all who are using their energy to care for others.

Thank You


Using the past to help write a bright future

Our past taught us that energy is vital to life and drives growth and prosperity in our communities. We believe every day is an opportunity to better the lives of those we serve. Thatʼs why we continue to place our customers and communities at the center of all we do. More than 9 million residential and commercial customers depend on the energy solutions we provide to power, heat and cool their homes and businesses. We are modernizing our infrastructure to ensure we continue our longstanding track record of providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy to our customers and communities.


The future of energy is resilient

The energy industry is rapidly evolving due to advancing technology and changing customer preferences. Thatʼs why we must be innovative problem solvers who stay on the forefront of research and development. We are refining our operations and making improvements to our infrastructure to improve reliability and resiliency, allowing our customers and communities to have peace of mind - even in the eye of a storm.


The future of energy is low- to no-carbon

For Southern Company, energy is more than just keeping the lights and gas on for our customers. Itʼs also about doing our part to preserve and protect the environment. Since 2010, we have invested nearly $20 billion in developing a low-carbon future. Weʼre focused on developing and deploying technologies that reduce carbon emissions, while making sure energy remains reliable and affordable. Since 2007, we have reduced emissions 35% by significantly transitioning our electricity generation mix to include more natural gas, renewables and nuclear energy sources. Weʼre aiming to reach a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 and low- to no-carbon operations by 2050.


Making energy work smarter

Technology continues to advance and transform our world. Itʼs the driving force behind why we continually innovate solutions across the energy spectrum for the customers and communities we serve. For us, itʼs not just about doing more with less, it is also about developing, advancing and implementing products and services that provide peace of mind, connectivity and efficiency.